We make it easy to afford your new roof! We offer no-cost roof replacements if you install a new solar system with your new roof. 

Flexible Financing Offers Available



CV Home & Energy is always ready to help you with our outstanding roofing services. We repair and replace asphalt shingle and metal roofs for homes all across the Texas and surrounding states.

Key Benefits

· Repairs
· Replacements
· New construction
· Storm damage repairs and replacements
Missing shingles: During a storm, high winds and flying debris can knock your roof's shingles away. Old shingles can also sometimes crumble and fall away. If you notice your roof is looking a little bald on one side, it's a good idea to contact Apex Nova LLC for a roof repair. You don't want to leave your roof's insulation open to the rain.

Wet or dark shingles: When rain or snow is able to get in under your roof shingles due to shingle cracks or curling, the water can soak into your roof's insulation and cause water damage. Wet or dark shingles are often a sign of water damage, especially if these dark spots have moss growth.

Leaks: When enough water has soaked into your roof's insulation, it can cause leaks from your attic's ceiling. Depending on how serious the water damage is on your roof, sometimes these leaks can extend further into your home's walls and siding. It's important to contact our team at Apex Nova LLC as soon as you notice a leak to help reduce the risk of needing a complete roof replacement.